Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

A Line or Two

by Daniel Mendes

What happened here miss?
It was sky's the limit for you 'til...
You started poppin those pills now you can't even keep still
Sad as every time I see you somthing is missing
First that sparkle in your eye
Now your teeth colour -it's changing

I see things different looking into the box
When the drug's not in your blood?
Your happiness stops
A shame for you the feeling - it's only temporary
Be poor for more unfamiliar with or scared to face reality

I'm one of few who you and I feel it for
Others take advantage knowing your desparate for that score
So they'll use and abuse then send you on your way
I tried talking, but my words you didn't appreciate
What can I do?
Besides observe from a distance
Re-collecting memories of when we were infants
Told me about your plans to be business lady
Now its just getting a hit, daily

Holding bitter feelings towards your family
You they deserted, tellin me it was unjust
They gave up, the drug reliant you, was hard to trust
Wish I could take you under my wing
Elevate you off this land
All's needed is a breath from God
Food, Drink, Understand

Can't help but think I'm going to continue to see you fall
Until a day comes, I don't see you at all

She Keeps saying:
"It's life's pressures that got me feeling blue,
that's why I do what I do" 

But your life got worse with what started, as a line or two

Added: 14.02.2009