Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by Daniel Mendes

A time when I'm lost for words
Running short of laughter
I'm finding it hard to deal with the stress
My shoulders can't take the pressure

A time the closest people to me
Seem the furthest away
Because I've got to deal with this alone
In my mind it's the only way
So I force a smile and tell them "I'm OK"
I sit in my box with my soulmates; me, myself and I
And listen to the tunes that have been a soundtrack to my life

A time when I question my sanity
Am I crazy, what do you figure?
Do I need a cushioned room with cameras behind the mirror?
So what do I do now?
I've already prayed
God called me a stranger

So now I'm talking to this page

Added: 14.02.2009