Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by Carroll Miles

I live in a house near three orange cats.
One's small, one's medium, one's gorgeously fat.
Zoe is the smallest, she scampers so fast.
Darts behind trees; rolls in the grass...
Checks out Zeke. He's the middle cat dude.
He meows at Zoe with cool attitude. 
Zydeco watches, he's really old,
A few scars prove he was once very bold.
While the others play, he snoozes in daisies.
Bright yellow sunshine renders him lazy. 
When dinner is served, they share with each other.
I make sure no one has more than another.
After dining together on salmon cuisine,
They all lick their paws; they like to be clean. 
Ringed tails start swishing and swirling around.
Long whiskers twitch, not making a sound.
Three heads turn upward to gaze in a tree.
Ears hear a flutter, now what could that be? 
A cardinal's wings flap, he flees from the branches.
Three orange cats stop their advances.
They plop on the ground in utter dismay.
Upset about being outsmarted today. 
A glimpse of movement, Zoe springs into action.
A jumping green lizard has caused this reaction.
Zeke notices, too. Zydeco could care less.
What happens now is anyone's guess. 
Green lizard is clever, he turns right around.
Changes his color to dull, woody brown.
He slinks and he creeps onto a stem.
The two hunters give up; they no longer see him. 
Stretching their backs, the three lay on the lawn.
Opening their mouths in enormous yawns.
Before I approach, they are fast asleep.
I tiptoe softly, without making a peep. 
I bend down to give each head a pat.
So happy to live near three orange cats.

Added: 18.02.2009