Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Monarch of the Glen

by Leon Zadok

With the thundering screeches of an eagle
With the ducks and dives of airborne wanderers
With the click, clicking of rustling hoppers
The Pasture is alive
Huge, Grandiose, archaic oaks tower me
Conifers envelope me
Allowing only one space
A clearing, glowing green
In the distance, a calling
Greeting the pastels
He emerges from the glow
The monarch is here
To look upon his glen
He prances and struts
Bearing his valiant chest
Displaying his golden crown
The Wood bows
As his coat shimmers
Below deep red flames
He is given a finish
A thousand groans
Wandering souls are moved
As a kingdom moans
Our monarch lay strewn
A Punctured heart
Pleads for dusk to settle

Added: 20.02.2009