Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Dear George

by Stuart Donkin

Dear George,
What's that? You don't understand,
Why Snowy the Snowman disappeared?
Spring came along and although you cried,
The birds in the trees they all cheered.
As you go through life I'm sure you'll find,
There's always two sides to every story,
Promise me George you'll listen to both,
Before you act as judge and jury.
Yes George,
I know we promised and we will,
Buy you a DS for your birthday,
But is really true that you'd die,
Without one? Curl up and fade away.
We may not have a lot your mum and I,
But we've got a roof over our heads,
You may not have the latest lightsaber,
But at least tonight you'll be fed.
No George,
It's not right how those children,
Are forced to live how they do,
No parents, no food, no hope of salvation,
And yes George no Doctor Who,
There's more in this life than Ben 10,
Mighty Morphers, the latest mobile phone,
Children tonight sleep on the streets,
Unlike you they're all on their own.
Dear George,
I saw your smile as you stroked that cat,
And your frown as he walked away,
I know there's a question you wanted to ask,
Why? Well what can I say?
Some people will love you, some people won't.
Some won't care what you do,
But no matter what you have to believe,
In one thing George and that's you.

Added: 25.02.2009