Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by Debra Chapman

Answers are elusive, hidden within the twisted depths,
A calm and tranquil state will reveal all they say.
Ever striving to have more of everything busying the mind,
Just to relax takes major effort at the ending of a day.
Who is there with answers, is it me? Or something else,
A questioning list was really needed from the start.
Striving to be better, do good things a hallow over head,
Milling along trying hard; doing my little part. 
Understanding is the problem a sign dropped in my lap,
An Indian adventure, helping starving souls in the street.
That Armani suit is calling, a new gleaming shimmering car,
What to do... Comfort me, or some torn and ragged feet.
Ignore it, it will go away, my path will be revealed,
A neon flashing arrow, a bolt of clarity to my heart.
A golden sprinkled road, "That way... go and do that",
Inspiration, the idea is the key, igniting a definite start.
Tonight there will be meditation, a mantra words so pure,
My higher, whiter, lighter inner self will shine.
Life's answers clear and crisp an intelligent heavenly rhyme,
Must relax, yoga, tie chi, Shiraz that's it... red wine.
So answers are elusive, my path is only mine to tread,
Do I only get one try?? The pressure is really on.
A thousand words of wisdom will not make me embark,
Just do good, be happy and live before my time has gone.

Added: 27.02.2009