Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Baby Hollingsworth

by Jayne Hollingsworth

I never even met you or held
you in my arms,
We didnt have a name for you or
know what you looked like
You left our world so quickly and
tore my heart in two
And now i have to live my life alone
and without you.

We had thought about you arriving and
had people to love you lots
But there was another plan for you and
it wasn't to be with us.

I'm sorry i couldn't carry you longer
and this life was not meant for you
I'll never forget that day when we were
told it wasn't to be and that your heartbeat
had stopped and you were taken away from me.

Although my world seems empty
and nothing now your gone
I know that you have given me strength
to learn and carry on.
Even though your gone now and
I can't feel you inside
You will always have a place
in my heart and by my side.

In memory of our baby hollingsworth miscarried January 9th 2009

Added: 28.02.2009