Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

i hope you see

by sinead burke

A head filled with nothingness
Nothing overwelmed with everything
A moment of misunderstandin
A life time of confusion
A unpland explosion
A heart with unseen erosion
A tear could cause an uncontroled implosion
Turnin ur world upside down
Ur soul inside out
Ur life back to front
Not knowin if u do or do not want...
Words can be dismissed with a wave of a hand, they can be a twisted
For a lie they can be the proof.
Words can raise u up
Words can put you down
But they can turn life completly round
Going silent in a moment of need
Is like not watering a growing seed
Reach out to those who care the most,
Know ur not alone
Know tht a lonely man is a king proud on his thrown...
Let loose... be free....
U have someone who cares..
I hope u see...

Added: 28.02.2009