Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Harmony and Hope

by Vivien Hampshire

He winks at me, I smile, we make a wish,
Then peer together through the microscope
At tiny cells like frogspawn in a dish.
Our hands entwine in harmony and hope
That this time at least one of them implants,
But if they fail I'm not sure how we'll cope.
A fourth attempt and, though it's our last chance,
With odds against us, cash gone, fingers crossed,
We dare to dream, and thank God in advance.
Two embryos, like all those we have lost,
Each magical, mysterious, worth the wait...
And suddenly it's not about the cost.     
There's nothing we can do now; it's too late
And, barring Premium Bond or lottery wins,
We're in the hands of miracles and fate.           
Is this where life, and family, begins?
Could we be gazing at our future twins?

Added: 04.03.2009