Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by Alistair Melvin

The glitterati twinkle in her eye
You can see through the black and the white
Captured by the paparazzi
The aluminium shock possessed in her eyes
As her scarlet lips are plum in the line of symmetry
She steps out of the shadows in her sequins and silk
Hot blue inside her dress
Along with her smooth constraints
With the subconscious desire to cast everything aside
For she
Cheekbones ground into perfect triangles
Is the white witch of Hollywood
Parading in her fine textures clad
A pharoahess in her curvature
She swaggers those long black nylon legs
As her hips swathe to the rhythm, wave with the rhythm
It’s clear that you are not shy in the least
And don’t mind being a plaything for everyone
Even though you have been bitten more than once
For you are shining like a transient love kitten
You are perfect in the spirit of the time
Frozen by the flash of the lens

Added: 06.03.2009