Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

The Glorified Self

by Hayley Pennington

My oppressor was sent to arid places
            lacking water,
And I was redirected to dance with laces
            from the slaughter.
When my spirit flew, through valleys with graces
            given as to a daughter,
I saw her fly to my one step a million paces
            so that I praised the name that wrought her.
As she laughed and ran upon the mountains, to the stars she sent her gazes
            until those wise friends lovingly caught her.
Days went by, and I, left to my cases,
            sat in the fodder;
Often I wished to bind her in braces
            while I sought her.
She would with wild eyes flit from me to the King's oasis
            to see Father.
Of late, she dwells there most often, and with angels races
            who stop their wings when she totters.
She smiles, for her Lover and she ever see each other's faces,
            and He cares for nothing that is not her.
And my one wish, as my spirit my mind chases,
            and I sit in the fodder,
Is that I could run with her in the races
            and be with Him Who bought her.

Added: 06.03.2009