Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Tales from plafrom A

by Samleigh Jeffrey

Chewing gum stuck to my souls
Why walking alone
Past long lost souls
Beginning, middle, end
Conversation begin to blend
As if there will be no end
Laughter cry's moans and groans
All part of earthy tones
Pram wheels crashing against the stony walls
Reminds of one thoughts of the great
Clashing of the oceans sea walls
Past suit, ties and children singing lullaby's
People still asking why their hopes has not yet arrived
Hope of wonders are waited upon
Hope of dread rears its ugly head
Is that sounds of what we want to hear
Or is it the others mocking us near
The sound is indeed something that we hold deer
Fear is follow when it get near
Now the story of something new appears
Battle with the doors
Handbags and tears.

Added: 08.03.2009