Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Remember me

by Debra Chapman

Grains of sand sift down, the seasons pass,
"You will heal" whispers told by time.
Eagerly waiting first buds of spring to lift my heart,
A cavern dark and deep a weary climb.
Etched within that sunny day the reel of film still plays,
Carved into my memories, never gone.
Your ending gaze sent shards of love shattering my soul,
"You will meet again" but just how long?
Emptiness all consuming, thoughts with no escape,
A void a million lifetimes would not fill.
Reliving captured snaps of love, padlocked in the mind,
Tormented just to cease, longing to be still.
Desperation almost hunger to sense you in my arms,
Satan's hovering, a deal for one last kiss.
The tenderest of touches, lifting hopes from blackened gloom,
Perhaps the hearts purpose is a soul to miss.
No trace of aching scars or bloody wounds to share,
Eyes sparkling drops of sorrow rarely glee.
Silent yearning prayers cast out beyond the clouds,
Upon our merging paths an eternity of sand, remember me.

Added: 11.03.2009