Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

The Tribute

by Rachel Brown

Under a soft grey summer sky
The playful wind whipped up the white sails,
That soared and swept the little boat astray.
The blue waves, flecked with gold,
Shuddered against the hull
As they carried the boat
Towards the sloping sand dunes.
The waves then broke upon the shore,
And the little vessel slid upon the pebbles,
Caked as they were in mussels and seaweed.
The tall sand grass quivered a greeting
And a curious gull ceased it's pecking for a while.
Before resuming, with ardent concentration.
A man and woman left the boat,
And clambered, struggling, up the dune.
Grasping the grass and one another,
Wallowing in the silky sand.
They reached the top and gazed about,
Breathless at the view.
The couple neither spoke nor touched,
As they sat at the bare, dusty summit.
They looked at the island to their left
And the broad sea on their right
They stared in unbridled awe at the scene.
Silently acknowledging that what they saw,
Could not be done justice by any words.
And in front of the little boat,
They chose actions as a fitting tribute
To their surroundings.

Added: 13.03.2009