Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by Ali Khan

I have committed a crime that I am ashamed of abortion,
Hinna blaming herself, crying herself to sleep,
when it was my fault for the rest of my life I am in mourning,
Dressed in black, didn’t let u walk one step,
not even allowed u to have one smile,
While I’m hear breathing & Kalli throwing up a gang sign,
Wish I was wise, wish I was rich, wish I had you by my side,
Wish I listened to hinna as she begged for your life,
Wish you live & I died,

Woke up crying, when I realised what I done,
if hinna lived in a mansion, with a benz,
it wouldn’t make her as happy if you were with her living homeless,
But cos of my actions, I never lest that happen, wish God gave me sense,

I can’t even think about life without her, I’m cruel,
But I pray everyday u me hinna & kalli will all meet soon,
On good terms, forgive me, if u can,
if not I will still b at peace seeing u even for one second,
Maybe you was too precious for this earth,
& u would only feel at home in heaven.

Added: 14.03.2009