Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

An Honest Liar

by Ali Khan

We all made differently, different cultures heights & faces,
So whether u good or bad your gonna suffer cos your presidents cabinet r racists
Life ain’t what u make it, but what is given,
U could b rich but u don’t deserve it, u could b poor & don’t deserve it,
U could b a loyal wife but could be left to raise your confused kid,
Lifes a mess, we try solve it with sex,
But even that ain’t the solution, cos that woman is married,
You got 2 kids but only one tray of food so who do u feed?

Life is stuffed, but we all die soon,
Sticks & stones can break my bones, but my words will kill u,
U can get up & leave, because with or without u, I’ll b cool,

Now your sitting in your room your birthday tomorrow, you hitting 30,
You got 40 year olds telling u too cheer up & enjoy the party,
You worked hard all your life but got nothing to show,
You aint bought no clothes cos u spent it on your kids,
but they don’t understand & continue to moan,
Bills coming tomorrow, & you ain’t paid for last month,
Ain’t no NBA dreams cos their ain’t no milk, your kids growth beginning to stunt,
Take the pain away by imagining u playing the main character in your favourite film,
But u misplace the bad character with someone u want to kill,

I’m serious all the time look in my eyes,
In the morning I’m up south but by the end of the day I on the west side,
Never rest, unless I fall asleep at the wheel,
can’t stand ambulance drivers unless I need help,
But whether I need help or not I never like the police,
They’ll go all out to give u a speeding fine,
but turn a blind eye to a dead man get wrapped in a sheet,

I don’t rap for money I rap to teach,
& if u don’t learn from me get up & leave,
To u, I am your professor, to me you r my student,
While I was writing lyrics you was working overtime at Burger King,
The 11th commandment is do as I say otherwise u have committed a sin,
A wise man is a person who has made many mistakes,
But a clever man is who has had sex but ain’t got aids,

I don’t blame you for imitating me, I take it as a compliment,
Next time I will produce your track,
If you don’t follow me then follow Jesus & do whatever he said,

But like I said…………………….

Added: 14.03.2009