Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by Christine Digby

I don't mind that you didn't look when I waved as you went by.
Maybe your mind was somewhere else, perhaps you didn't see.

Remember when the world was ours, we thought was ours for ever?
Though it was such a precious thing we knew it would be safe.
All those long days that lay ahead, we never thought would end.
Remember when the trees were new, their leaves so fresh and young?
They made us shady canopies to keep us safe from storms.
They stood so tall and noble, we asked, could we be noble too?
Remember how we talked to them about our hopes and dreams?
They listened to our secrets and promised not to tell.
And, looking back upon my life, I'm sure they never did.
Remember silver streams as they rippled over rocks?
A kingfisher, shimmering blue, who landed on a bullrush.
He watched us with his beady eye, then darted off again.
Remember flowers so beautiful who danced for us alone?
The poppies in the meadows and the wild flowers by the path.
The scents that wafted all around, a heaven just for us.
We thought those days would never end, they didn't end for me.
I run them often in my mind like an old beloved film.
I wish I could go back through time to live those days once more.

I don't mind that you didn't look, when I waved as you went by.
Maybe you don't remember, it was so long ago.

Added: 19.03.2009