Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Ode to Three Days of Glorious Weather

by Michael Bowden

When summer's full arrival gives its blessing
And inspiration provides itself a setting
The wonders of this wooded world no longer need concealing
While plastic class or broken glass are merely for misleading
Then I can find the greatest beauty in
This winter haze
When the late sun rays
Proclaim the ways
For such blissful days, such peaceful days.
To immerse myself in Nature's everlasting
Presence (when a cold, harsh life is coursing
Through those hollow caves, without relaxing,
Without relenting and so without remorsing)
Does let my joyful essence soar
Among the elevated birds
Whose joyful song, I can be sure,
Has truer meaning on this earth
Than all those flawed affairs
Whose pressing love and petty cares
Allow too little light.
That gorgeous orange glow of the sun,
That interrupts only the bluest skies, 
Informs me that the time has come
When, for one glorious moment,
The fractured picture that our world provides
Is, piece by piece, returned to its full form.
And here, a love that had been torn
Apart by life, is reborn.  

Added: 19.03.2009