Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by caroline hawkins

I lie on my back and anticipate pain
As I wait to be ravaged again and again
I think "my life hasn't always been like this"
But of lately it's been more hit than Miss.
They beat and destroy me. No-one knows my name
This life is hell and full of shame!
I remain insignificant to these beasts
While they gorge on my body and enjoy their feasts.
I often feel that my sanity is on the brink,
Yet some men have the arrogance to think
That in their gruesome deeds, they bring me pleasure
I would never consider this to be leisure.
I don't want to be here, I never chose this life!
Kidnapped and brought here to be a mock wife
You would never do to her, that which you do to me
But I can't complain. I'm nothing. I'm nobody.
I lie here now, scared as hell,
Dreading the sound of that damned bell!
It signifies another client is here
To use and abuse me and amplify my fear.
Some are not so bad; they do the job and are gone
But others humiliate and torture me, treat me like scum.
We are nameless here, our human worth depersonalized
We have no identity or feelings; they have stolen our lives.
I dream of the day that I escape from this nightmare
And return home to my family, my head held high in the air
But in reality this can never happen; the damage has already been done,
I am a mindless machine as I am serviced by another one.

Added: 20.03.2009