Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

You Make Me.

by Natasha Turner

Lead me far, from where I started
Apart from you, I am defeated.
Wrestling the darkness deep inside me,
Revolution came, when you stood beside me.                                                                            
Enriched by you, and your beautiful soul,
New feelings of honesty that make me whole.
Crushed before, but now released,
Expectations of hurt, that now have ceased.

Driven to be all that you need,
Without you here, I won't succeed,

Treasure your love, your smile and your kindness,
Un-troubled now by my previous blindness,
Regained hope, I trust all that are,
Nights are so safe, and dreams never far,
Elated, enraptured, enticed by your ways,
Relentlessly in love, for the rest of our days.

Added: 21.03.2009