Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Credit Crunch!

by Elaine Whybro

Had your fill of porridge oats,
crunchy nuts, jam on toast?
There's a new taste to be found
rather costly pound for pound.

Credit Crunch, a bowl a day
helps to keep your wealth at bay,
fortified with vitamins,
nice washed down with several gins.

Busy day at the bank?
Found your assets quickly shrank?
Get the milk, find a spoon,
cereal to make you swoon.

Credit Crunch, a bowl a day,
who said banking doesn't pay?
Plastic bonus in each box
made to share among your stocks.

When you've finished, don't forget
to wipe away your toxic debt,
put the milk back in the fridge,
jump right off the nearest bridge!

Added: 23.03.2009