Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Walk On

by Jake Barlow

Come on soldier,
Get up,wake up
I wont lose you,
I listen and walk

How many more miles before I am safe?
The stench of flesh rotting fills my nostrils,
Light of death blinds my eyes
My body is giving up on me,
However, I walk on

Optimism is all that I have left,
Nothing else can carry me further
The thought of returning home,
Is all I need
I must walk on

Each step I take is another mistake,
Mud suffocates my feet
Fossilising them slowly,
I am a sitting duck
I must try and walk on

How long left?
How can I survive?                                                                    
How can anyone?
When is it going to be over?
I still walk on

I am nearly there,
Only a few miles to go now,
My training has paid off
I will continue to use it until I am home
The life-saving saying
Walk On 

Added: 25.03.2009