Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

It Won't Stop Raining

by Michael Bowden

A break in life that reminds you
how broken Life has become.
Wasteful rain
that washes away
every laugh that had come
before. The immoveable rock that blocks
the path to freedom.
No. But wait. A break away
of hope chained by those clouds.
Do I dare to dream that her twin sails
of love and warmth (and steered by Captain Life)
will reach the harbour of my heart
before the winds of envy blow it far
off course? Oh, sunken ship! For you
I wail.
Man will often mumble and complain
to himself. For man's own wretchedness
is often self-made.
Oh wretched hope! Oh Wretched Hope!
I hear you in the wretched wind.
You bind my hands and slash my throat.
Now for neither love nor beauty may I sing.
Now nought but silent cries are left
(yet you tell me this is right).     

Added: 27.03.2009