Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by Faith Hadley

He pictured her eyes tinted by moonlight,
his heart racing like a charging horse,
he draws his saber to protect his queen,
knight to king four.

Swinging to the left, marching to the right,
forward by two, black and white,
curse the pawn that stands so firm
in the path of the impatient rook.

Fire the cannon at his heavy brick wall,
marching onward side by side,
lightning flashes as a commrade falls,
two to one the bugler calls.

Palms sweat as movements crack,
rank by rank the knot is formed,
holding pace as fame is falted,
gathering speed while all is lost.

He throws emotions in the grave,
charges forth to conquer all,
caution swept from his furrowed brow.

Forward he leans, whispering his final blow,

Added: 28.03.2009