Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Live A Life That Life Itself Would Love To Live

by Alex Lillyman

Pain and suffering, now those sisters know how to have a good time, the bitches have gotta be blonde!
To edit and construct our thoughts is to censor what needs to be said in this day and age of fear and dread,
What runs through your head when you as am i are playing dead?   
I believe that you think of ascension via aviation to heaven,
Jesus' former place of hibernation prior to your own wrong doings are brought to your belittled sense of concious attention,
Where can i find freedom and other such intuitive pursuits my friend?
Third isle on the left marked "Reduced due to lack of interest"
For youth wears a crown, young bullet proof and royals how i feel,
With the tools you've been given sculpt yourself a belief,
Stand on Darwins own well travelled two feet,
They'd tax your right to think if they could you know, lets nail their minds to the doors and throw away the keys, maybe they'll be easier to open that way,
The passion and potency of rebellion is as subtle as a brick wrapped in words, and i can guaruntee that being a non-being will aid you in seeing,
My tourette infested sense of expression gives me my meaning,
For this was once the Union Of Jack
But now Jack's become slack!


Added: 01.04.2009