Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

The Storm

by Brenda Vallow

The Storm

Threatening grumbling
Barometer tumbling
Weather disintegrating
Depressing darkening
Rumbled warning
Storm beginning
Menacing cracking
Pedestrians seeking
Adequate sheltering
No avoiding
Thorough soaking
Atmosphere exploding
Illuminating lightening
Heavens opening
Storm intensifying
Thorough drenching
Heavily commencing
Thunderous crashing
Lightening flashing
Storm continuing
Hurriedly reaching
Home welcoming
Drying warming
Coat steaming
Towel drying
Hair dripping
Storm persisting
Now enjoying
Home providing
Protected feeling
Cosy setting
Hair drying
Slippers wearing
Snugly awaiting
Storm abating

Added: 02.04.2009