Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

My lonely place

by John Daley

I lay here in my lonely place
I close my eyes my fingers trace
I see a picture in my head
offering feelings long thought dead

I softly picture how you feel
below my hands made so real
I trace the outline of your face
laying here in my lonely place

I feel your heartbeat next to mine
I see the way your eyes so shine
I picture the softness of your lips
And trace my fingers across your hips

I feel your warm breath on my neck
I open my eyes and need to check
Your not with me this I know
But you never leave me of this I'm sure

I close my eyes on my lonely place
and watch in my head your beautiful face
I see you smiling a smile you had lost
And know as you lay down tonight

You close your eyes on your lonely place
and gently you kiss my face

Added: 03.04.2009