Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Never Forget

by Simon Greene

"I saw so and so the other day."
"Who?"  Feigned interest.
Does that name ring a bell?
"You know, what's his name's mother."
"Do I?"  Looking out the car window.
The scenery makes no impact.
"Yes, you went to school with him."
"Did I?"  Who did she say?
Do I even care who?
"Oh, you must remember him from primary school?"
"Sorry, no."  Drawing blanks.
Did I even really check?
Same conversation every week,
Burnt on to the part of my mind
That never listens, but always hears.
Funny old thing is memory,
No name, no face, no remembrance,
Not the lad, not his mother, not the school.
I remember the first girl that
I said I love you to at that age.
And I still remember the last.
I remember the tears I cried that time,
When she moved away.
And I still remember the last.
In my youth I didn't spend nights
Drinking to numb the pain.
And I still remember the last.
It was just a few years later, I put aside
the memory of the girl who moved away.
But I can never forget the last.

Added: 06.04.2009