Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by Jenny Bowden

Get set go! The co-ordinates were given, 08.11.68
I found it hard to leave the starting gate.
Cesar section, pre-oral fears of separation
A confounded sense of self, from the earliest to the latest manifestation.
I travel solo, accompanied by hungry ghosts, starving and restless,
Emptied by greedy babies, at once insatiable and feckless.
Falling for heroes, duped by tricksters,
Chased out of day dreams by coyotes and witches.
Each archetype is part of my shadow,
The ‘other me' rejected, lying fallow.
A distorted reflection from the shards of a mirror,
A Gnostic spark, flickering without a prayer.
Life is a warlock full of charms and temptations,
I fell under its spell, a victim of subtle manipulations.
Inner censoring saviour, awake and aware
Sort the bloom of truth and laid the cupboard bare.
As it began, so shall it end, the journey of life, Dharma
A relentless repetition of each individual's drama.
A collective unconscious, a cosmic wheel of Karma
Until the lotus escapes detritus and enters Nirvana.

Added: 06.04.2009