Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Off-key (A song of wasted dreams)

by Kelly Beighton

Screen staring back,
One eye all a-glow.
Urging words that are not there,
or do not wish to flow.
You have a name, a make.
I know! Yet you need
my touch, I've heard.
So, in silence, you express my words.
Unyielding smooth, ‘Pretty Plastic'-
I control. Adorned with shiny smudges,
A pattern of usage.
Merged mass identities!
children and jam? Would that be better?
Better than watching you,
watching me?
A life of simplicity?
long enough to see the face.
Dull. Boredom etched clear.
I press a key. I disappear.
You spring to life once more.
Eyes staring back at me,
Repetitive woe.
Urging me to show, I dare
to STOP the flow."

Added: 07.04.2009