Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

just a note

by joseph morones

A man writes an anonymous note, just a note, full of hope and a dream, to a woman he's hurt in hopes of redeem.
With anticipation he waits to see things unfold,waiting to hear"how clever how bold".
What is this in such a curious place ,she finds a paper with words but no face.
Is this an answer to a long lonely prayer,will he save me from my hearts dispair.
Telling her daughter they giggle a few,mom's got a boyfreind mysterious and new.
Grasping the note close to her chest with hopes and dreams,no pain in her heart for the moment it seems.
In a safe place I will put my secret treasure, to be brought out when I'm in need of its magic and pleasure.
A man wrote an annonymous note,  just a note, to his love, his wife,in hopes to restore thier broken lives.
He waits so long for word of his deed,so he dares to ask her only placing a seed.
Her defenses arise, "Nothing has happened, I will not tell",please don't take this don't send it to hell.
He risks going further even though it feels wrong,"Nothing to tell that made a day not so long".
No please don't take this , please don't take this too, now she know in her heart that it was only you.
A man wrote an annonymous note, just a note,full of hope and a dream, with an outcome so sad this day shall not redeem.

Added: 07.04.2009