Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Honi soit qui mal y pense

by Craig Raeside

He volunteered just out of school
with a young mans' eyes
and bravery.
Honour him.

He trained for years
in the cold, the rain
and mud.
Honour him.

He drank in bars
and occassionally blew off steam
Honour him.

Through long days and longer nights
he was your guard
at freedoms gate.
Honour him.

He was a good husband and doting father:
new loves sacrifice
and separation.
Honour him.

He led from the front with courage:
inspired his men
and brothers.
Honour him.

He strained under a burning sun
with the bomb that tore
his arms and leg off.
Honour him.

He sits now at home
and watches life
in two dimensions.
Honour him.

Added: 08.04.2009