Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by Janmejoy Gupta

The memories still remain,
Of the river in its
Serpentine bent,
On its last journey-
To meet its beloved-the sea.
Of the times spent together,
Watching the river,
Flow gently by,
Trying to decipher,
The tales it tells.
As we sat,
By the river,
Lulled by its sweet murmur,
The eternal song of the river,
Testimony to our eternal love.
The boats are anchored-
The fishing nets sprawled across.
The day's work is done,
As the simple folk,
Eat puffed rice and chat.
As the sun sets,
I can hear the,
Song of the fishermen-
And the tune of the flute,
‘For tomorrow is another day.'
But the memories,
Of the sunset by the river,
Mingling with the chime of rickshaw-bells,
Will forever remain,
Etched in my heart.

Added: 10.04.2009