Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

The Hummingbird and the Firefly

by Benjamin Noble

The humming bird and the fire fly
had never had the pleasure before.
One went by day, the other at night
through the carib skies they sore

Never had the bird seen one so bright,
nor had the fly heard one so melodic,
thinking the phrase, love at first sight
should be reserved for the idiotic.

The song and fire were never apart.
She followed his light, he her heart.
She sang her tune, he blazed his fire,
but love eventually began to tire.

For she sang for the morning´s sun
and he shone for the dark set night; 
their love was a fateful mismatch
for which neither could make right.

Their parting far from exceptional,
agreeing their differences too great.
The cold silence in leaving intentional
both desperately trying to beat fate.

It was soon after, the fly lost his fire
and the bird had then lost her song
For love had made each exceptional
Now,  just the bird and fly, life long. 

Added: 12.04.2009