Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Who Is My Daddy?

by Tanya Bainbridge

My name is Cody, with Noonan Syndrome
and I am fourteen you see.
I have many things going on,
everything is difficult for me.
I am different than the other kids,
But, I have similar problems as them.
I have a father that doesn't want to know me,
as much as I want to know him.
Things happened before I was born,
this I understand.
But, why doesn't he want to know me,
Who does he think he is, this man.
I have tried to reach him to talk it out,
He just doesn't want to know.
He ignores my e-mails and attempts to reach him,
Why is he not telling me so?
If he tried to explain his side,
I just might be able to let go.
The pain I feel deep in my heart,
It is now beginning to show.
Even though I am delayed,
It doesn't take a genius to see.
That even with special needs,
The better person...Is me!

Added: 13.04.2009