Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

The Key to Life’s Questions: Hope

by David Kaufman

Why do bad things happen to good souls?
It is because these souls have the courage and bravery to act bold.
God tests them so they can inspire others,
They have the strength to pass with flying colors.

At first it seems impossible to get past the terrible news,
But we must have hope even after hearing the clinical views.
They think they know but only He is in control,
Though it may never go away even when we become old.

He tests us so that we bring ourselves closer to him,
We must pray and hope, we must go out on a limb.
Our friends will be there for support and help through all the pain and sorrow,
Soon the light and warmth will reach our face and we will know which path to follow.

We will realize that God is standing there right beside us,
Holding our hand, we later wonder why we made such a fuss.
The pain will hurt deep inside but soon it will pass,
As a result you will become stronger, you will get better very fast.

We must have hope; That's what God wants and what we need,
He has chosen you and in front of us you will lead.
At times it will be hard and you will fall.
But we fall to get back up to stand straight and tall.

You are brave and have the most courage I have ever seen,
You are beautiful and passionate, I am always here and on me you can lean.
Your courage and hope inspires us to act righteously every day,
We realize that you will always be there to show us the correct way.

Bad things happen to us to increase our trust in God and to make us strong,
We will survive, if we have hope our lives will be good and will last very long.

Added: 14.04.2009