Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Will My Legs Grow Back Mummy?

by Glen Joshua

Skipping meadow girl through a rope hop,
a butterfly to the cruel spiders that lie waiting
to ambush a truce long since forgot.
With rhyming song she loops along
her life more hanging than skipping by a thread,
as the ticking time bomb spiders swing
like pendulums from their web.

Skipping meadow girl through a rope running,
her smiling sky eyes blind to their cunning,
falling tricked and entangled
with quivering lips bloody,
she slow breathes the question:
“Will my legs grow back Mummy?”

Skipping meadow girl through a rope dancing,
on “Look at me! Look at me!” doll-like legs,
so life enhancing!
But beyond her huge strides
you notice her rhythm is troubled,
for behind her dead eyes
she knows
that the spiders
have doubled!

Added: 14.04.2009