Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

If I Could Make A Monster -

by Joshua Brooks

If I could make a monster,
I'd have -A large fat nose to pick up every scent
With big googly eyes to see where you went
With rough ugly skin the colour of mud
A cheeky grin that makes you think he's up to no good
I'd have -
The ability to smile, laugh and charm
To say the right things and make you feel calm
To manipulate you to make you do his deadly deed
Or swallow you whole simply for the feed
I'd have -
A monster that slurs and talks very fast
To leave you confused as to what he said last
Who can read minds and learn what you know
With muscular feet to travel through sleet and snow
So if I could have a monster -
He'd have large feet and nose with mud-coloured skin
Who can mind-read, speak very fast with a mischievous grin
Who manipulates, makes you calm and yet can eat you whole
With watching eyes to see where you stroll
Who charms you whilst smiling and has some wit
This monster just isn't going to work, is it?

Added: 14.04.2009