Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009



I have told you again, Hope is the peace of many.
But we,
With trembling hands, will mould silent statues,
With invisible figures, will paint pictures of sorrow and pain,
With tight lips, will whisper untold everlasting secrets,
With flaming eyes will travel by the weather side,
To distant tales' countries,
With magicians and Queens, Dwarfs and minefields.
Turn your eyes again, to the distant lines of lost pathways,
Will you recognize your own steps, your mist smile?
Your words remained hanged under the branch of trees,
Like everlasting tears. Do you remember?
And friends like old dust, Travel transparent in the time,
Like fake visions.
Where truly were them? Where they are now?
Shadows in vague memories,
Like music which you think you heard in the past,
Like vision that provokes you from an uncertain memory,
What was it, what it was not? Dream, ground and sky.
Will raise, our heavy head, smile, in spite of the times,
Open the windows,  at the misty lights of night,
Cool our  burning front with the drops of night,
Only one breath, only one smile,
Only one.
Don't get deceived and then,
Let us spit on the face of destiny,
Scrape the old wounds again, until they bleed again and again
And mock the quiet souls.
Who found in our heart nothing but pain?
Who met in our passing nothing but loneliness?
Who had not other tears for the grief?
Will ride on the side of dark, without hesitation until the end.

Added: 16.04.2009