Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Dancing On Ice


In this rink, life's T's & C's
try to divide us
our unconditional love
by onlookers, strangers not aware to danger
I stand accused as an exhibitionist, upright, balanced
controlling the waves of our tidal performance
mimicking the dove, guiding you safely home
but in this court, frostbite provides razor sharp retribution
Let's take lessons in this grand arena, circling vultures
so that our thoughts and feelings
translate into action
a language unspoken
yet demonstrated with precision timing
Surely this is not the muse that you
have so long desired?
Your Lichtenstein style canvas
awash with popart 
a treasure true from talent
that awaits discovery
and those onlookers, strangers that unite us
ebbing in appreciation of an effortless, Bolero moment
Reality kicks in as the producer summons
the music, the announcer, the married couple
that's us dancing on ice

Added: 17.04.2009