Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

All Beacuse Of You

by Caroline Mandelbaum

  All Because of You
To scream at the top of my lungs, to run through a field full grass
To climb to the top of a mountain, to shatter a room full of glass
To sing with a heart full of faith, to dream with a soul full of gold
To fly through clouds of thunder, to dance in the rain and the cold
To smile because life is invaluable, despite what everyone thinks
To dance around them in circles, to laugh before anyone blinks
To hide within a secret, to live in a world where nobody tells
Of hidden bliss and forbidden truths, of silent wedding bells
To believe in a life full of darkness, to see when all else is blind
To make miracles of empty things, to see clarity in a helpless mind
To dream because nightmares are futile, to laugh because crying is pain
To try because all else is failing, and failure is existence's bane
To scream in a house full of horrors, to tear in a house full of light
To squint in the blackened darkness, but awaken for the final fight
To bleed for feeling the pain, hurts less than feeling nothing at all
To guard what still feels sacred; to cherish it before it will fall
To run far from the inevitable, to live where practical does not exist
To cry over what's been taken, to miss and to never be missed
To battle depression with anger, with laughter and movement and time
To move from a city of darkness, to a life full of reason and rhyme
To cry because no one can hear me, to feel with my soul ripped apart
To break because all I've held closely was torn straight out of my heart
But to rise because although I've fallen, I've been given my strength anew
I'll rebuild and I'll be even stronger, and it's all because of you

Added: 19.04.2009