Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

I Know a Field ~ Ode to a Deminer

by Tim Dixon

I know a field,
Where Sunflowers used to grow,
Yellow replaced by crimson,
Poppies in the wind do blow.

Beneath the surface,
Lie the ravages of war.
Where you fear to tread,
In case you tread no more.

I've seen the carnage,
These unseen weapons can do,
Ruin lives forever,
Maim,hurt, and Kill.

With a little experience,
And a belief in what is true,
I will try to put right,
Back to what nature knew.

It is not without danger,
I've been hurt before,
But the risk is worth taking,
If Sunflowers are to grow once more.

Added: 19.04.2009