Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Homeward Bound

by David Keyworth

Sheffield, 2359, I'm slipping off the Midland Mainline,
a lady in green company uniform
agrees I won't make my connection on time
but her friends will get me home.
I arrive at Doncaster on a stop-start train,
see a man with a lantern, call for his attention,
run up the stairs, chasing his flame.
He sees off empty carriages, vanishes from the station.
A Mainline driver smirks: "What's the matter"?
I tell him they said they'd help me.
He waves to the cabin of the station master
who says he's been expecting me, orders a taxi.
The driver just keeps staring at the road
when I tell him where I want to go.

Added: 20.04.2009