Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by Timothy Ridley

What is freedom if we are to be FREE, are we trapped in a shell yet free to see what we SEE,
Is this freedom or a stage to live out our ROLE, to play our part in the human race to adjust to what we are TOLD,
If im BLACK or if im WHITE, what difference does it make if we share the same EARTH in this universal cake,
Do people judge because there scared to live free, or does the system control the FEAR within the icing on me,

So on a hole i am always free, as when "LOVE" takes charge all eyes will see, that FREEDOM is what we are meant to be.. 


Its funny when u GROW and years pass u become attuned to u, U play ur part that screams ur name, ur conditioned under LIFES ways,

U live within the walls of kingship as ur fellow HUMAN is divided throughout, the game u play is the way to SURVIVAL in challenging over ur flesh and blood RIVAL,

WE ALL WANT TO BE KINGS as the energy of money is our IDOL, guiding us up the ladder of success or dragging back down to compete with a new found TEST,

We look up to our FATHER as he know the way, as our real father GOD is put 2nd everyday,

Our fathers employers says if we work hard he spray his ENERGY even more, and reward us with the MATERIAL to feel accomplished he control us some more,

He loves to show u the web of ILLUSION our eyes adjust to each day, yet some may escape this BLINDNESS as going back to GOD as a new way,

So its up to u to choose to be king or SERVANT as king is all above ^, yet to serve is only serve as in ur heart u serve with LOVE...

Added: 20.04.2009