Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by Colin Fisher

But it's the space I want
Not the words. And
They were good words:
"Edwin Muir," my dad said.
"Always the return. That's
What you see in his poems."
And they made me see
My dad, him, Auden, his first favourite, and Muir,
In the 40s and 50s, all too young and too old even then.
Better still, the words of my mum,
"Willa, Muir's wife. An ostentatious smoker.
If you know what I mean."
And I did. I did.
But it's not the words
I want, it's the space
Around my mum and dad, in the living room and
The kitchen,
The space that still has so much of me,
Through which I walk again to feed the donkeys on a
Sunday afternoon
And wear red wellington boots
(The ones that had a holster for my ray gun).

Added: 20.04.2009