Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Hungry Like The Wolf

by Matt bowden

Roaming like a wild animal in the forest
I am hungry like the wolf
This decadence has eaten away my soul
The rough love that I desire from him and him

Can the wolf learn to love without the flames of the night
when the love I desire is far out of sight
there is beauty in this heaven of toxic soaked debachuary
there is love amongest us all in some kind of strange way

I am hungry like the wolf
hunting and hunting again for my prey
on any given sunday
wolf like i am smelling the taste of same sex passion
men in unison enjoying the fruits of one another

I am hungry like the wolf
tasting and teasing my victim
for he is my lust, my poison, my night tie meal
roaming am I the forest, roaming and in for the kill

Added: 20.04.2009