Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Discover yourself

by Saiful Chowdhury

 Discover yourself, who you are?
What is your goal, what is the purpose?
Let's display the screen of real life,
Figure out all your worst situations.
Achieve your goal across thousand try,
There might be a positive sight.
Discover your self-Image,
To distinguish from Ignorance.
Those who are able to imagine it,
Their power of knowledge enormous.
Whoever you are, special to the world,
Out of many senseless creatures.
Discover your power of choice,
See how it affects with all your act.
Your prospection for the succession,
Will lead you to reach the destination.
Your strength for the advancement,
Will help you to gain huge self-esteems.
Discover cause of success and failure,
In your life how those are happened ?
Review your past all gone by days,
Pick a point to have great consequence.
Intend to be like a competent warrior,
Throw all your disappointments away; 
Discover your path of life,
Keep apart yourself from disadvantage.
In this world, they rapidly grow up,
Those are advance for the excellence.
So wake up to shine, there is still time,
You could be the one difference.

Added: 21.04.2009