Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by Tammy O'Malley

What am I?

Well, let me see...

I am the most beautiful thing which you own,
Truly, the most wonderful thing you could be!
A jewel in the most stagnant of moments...
...Or ther curse of a perfect sea.

I am your most decadent of Dreams,
Your minutes of purest bliss.
I am the father of every Nightmare,
Not to mention the Devil's Kiss.

I am your most intense inspirations,
Your intuitive wisdom for more.
I am also the Crow's faithful Keeper
And the Reaper's nightmarish stores.

Always call upon me for assistance,
For forever here I shall be,
But beware,
For if it is in your interests,
Every necessary hurt you shall see.

I am the very centre of every being,
I am who Master Death will eventually meet.
I am the culmination of Life's finest essences
And what will be, will be.

I stride hand in hand with Fate,
Though She is not often as fair as I,
Yet so often, I am neglected and overlooked by some,
Though to You, my promises of allegiance
Shall never die.

'Tis a funny old thing in this Life,
How I'll only truly be regarded, when you are old,
But along this path, I'll never cease to stir yet support you...


...Your ever faithful, loving Soul

Added: 21.04.2009