Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by June Okochi

Absence to those who love is death
It diminishes little passions
To exceed greater ones
Like a candle light burning in its height of flames
The echo of virtue is remorse
To those who hold and have it
Seems almost infallible
Nature itself as it is
Love like itself entails a presence of passions
A Physical atmosphere of aura
The existence of a sensation between the loved
To live is to leave an indelible impact
One of magnificence
My restlessness wouldn't cease at this hour
Because of incessant changes
I could be frightened if they stopped
Truth and logic is my anatomy of thoughts
And my thoughts say
The way to love anything is to realise it may be lost
It stays only in my memory
I hope this is you
My predilection lies in a present passion...........

Added: 21.04.2009