Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

How Beatrice Became A Lobelia

by Karenne Griffin

Her parents were heartbroken when their baby girl was born
To see a mark upon her face sure to result in scorn
A port wine stain which fell across one eye just like a mask
The doctor said to remove it would be far too great a task

As Beatrice grew the mark reduced, but even so young Bee
Was the focus of attention, still the stain was plain to see
So Beatrice didn't go to school, she had a governess
She was kept from the mainstream to alleviate distress

Despite all odds young Beatrice chummed up with the girl next door
She would play for hours with Sally in the garden of No. 4
In their teens they used make-up to hide the mark on Beattie's face
But both agreed the caked-on look was more of a disgrace

Beatrice lost herself in music, her tastes were quite diverse
Faced with Mozart or Slim Shady, the family pondered which was worse
It was fortunate that Sally shared her tastes and they would spend
Half their time at Bee's house, the rest at that of her friend

Sally held a party for her eighteenth in September
She wanted it to be a night for everyone to remember
Beatrice was reluctant, her poor face held a frown
Then said "If you make it fancy dress I'll dress up as a clown"

It was a crazy party, it seemed hundreds were invited
They boogied until four a.m., in music were united
It seemed the music meister knew exactly what to play
And the buzz around the town all week "Who was that clown DJ?"

Through the winter months the crazy clown found work in local clubs
Playing every kind of music, from Chicago to N-Dubz
So when the summer came young Beatrice left the family home
And flew off to Ibiza with her confidence full-blown

A new life required a change of name more fitting for a star
So Beatrice Simpson morphed into Lobelia B Zar
She modified her facial mask into something more exotic
And dressed her slender figure in a garb that was erotic

Lobelia had per picture spread across the glossy pages
There was much speculation on the vastness of her wages
She lived life to the fullest, playing music was such fun!
And Sally came to join her on the island in the sun

Added: 22.04.2009